When Is It Time For A Commercial Roof Replacement?

During the lifetime of a roof, there is the potential for many problems to develop. Perhaps a major storm blew through the area or the roof was improperly installed. There are a few options when it comes to fixing a roofing problem. It can be coated, repaired, recovered, or replaced. Use the questions in this article to see if it is time for a commercial roof replacement or if one of the other options will do the trick.

1. How much of the roof is damaged?

In order to decide if your roof should be repaired or replaced, it is important to see how much damage there is. A good rule of thumb is the 25% rule. When less than one quarter of your roof is damaged, a repair will often do the trick. However, more extensive damage should be dealt with by replacing your commercial roof. By the time that the costs of repair are calculated for a large job, it often turns out to be a better deal in the long run to replace the entire roof instead.

2. How old is the roof?

Most roofs have a long life. The average life span of a roof is 20 to 25 years. If you are experiencing problems and your roof is reaching the end of its effective life time, your best bet is to replace the entire thing. Since it will soon need to be replaced anyway, you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run by acting sooner rather than later.

3. Is there mold present?

If you are seeing signs of moisture and mold on your roof and inside of your building, the chances are that you either have extensive roof damage or the roof was improperly installed. Mold and moisture can quickly destroy a building and make it unsafe for your workers to be in. Don’t delay acting when you see the signs of mold. Call in a qualified roofing company to do an inspection and act quickly to correct the problem.

4. What is the building used for?

The roof on an office building and the roof over a garage do two very different things. The first protects the people who work in it as well as the computers and other high tech machinery of the modern office. On the other hand, a commercial building used to store vehicles or heavy equipment houses items that can stand up to the weather. When roofing problems develop on either one of these buildings and it is difficult to decide whether to repair or replace, choose replacement when the environment can cause major damage. Sometimes, it is better to add additional protection to be safe.

Commercial roof replacement is a necessary part of business that should be calculated into a maintenance plan for your business. However, smart practices include knowing when the decision to replace makes better business sense than the decision to repair. Ask these questions and consult with a commercial roofing company to make the right choice for your enterprise.

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