Types Of Commercial And Industrial Roofs

When you have decided to replace your outdated roof or you are in procedure of building a brand new building. There are four types of industrial or commercial roof systems for you to choose from.

Thermoplastic Roofing

TPO (Thermoplastic roofing) systems have become one of the most sought after industrial roofing systems today. These systems are made from a particularly durable material along with an important high-temperature tolerance and low-temperature flexibility. In fact, these types of roofs are remarkably resistant to chemical, ozone and ultraviolet exposure. These roofing systems have an impressive life span of around 20 years. In addition TPO roofs feature a great resistance to high winds, chemicals, punctures and even fire.


The EPDM roofing systems offer superior versatility and durability, which makes these systems last the longest in commercial and industrial locations. In addition, these systems are characteristically easier to repair, maintain and install when compared to the other commercial roof types.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Due to the rapid increase of energy costs and America searching for more sustainable and greener energy, a variety of building owners are starting to use solar-energy roofing options. These roof systems feature “PV” solar panels that are either utilized with roof-mounted and membrane tiles, glass or positioned over the rooftop. These panels absorb sunlight which converts into energy which translates into powering up a building. Even though these roofing systems are not widely used, they offer a fantastic potential in controlling excessive energy costs and conserving energy.

Green Roofs

Compared to every type of industrial or commercial roofing system available today, the green roofs have definitely experienced the largest up rise in popularity. “Sedum” green roofs can be described as a flat roof either completely or partially covered with soil and vegetation over a membrane that has been waterproofed. These roofing systems have been designed to decrease the heat in urban areas by absorbing heat. This also results in a dramatic improvement in improving the insulation value of a roof. This assists in increasing the lifespan of green roofs up to a third and savings on cooling and heating costs.

Other Industrial Roofing Options

Beyond EPDM flat-roofs and TPO, types of modified roofing options are also available. This method makes use of redundant roofing layers in order to result in a surface that is weather-resistant and durable. In addition to modified roofing systems, built-up roofing can also be a practical industrial roof choice. This will be dependent on the roof’s complexities and slope.

Commercial And Industrial Materials Used For Roofing Projects

•Built-up materials that include modified bitumen, gravel, asphalt and coal tar

•Roofing that requires a membrane which is single-ply for EPDM and TPO

•System that use a liquid application with high-tech polymers

•Roofs that are metal sloped atop high rise buildings

Professional commercial roofing contractors are always in search of the latest method and technologies to make sure they provide a superior solution and service to any type of business regardless of shape or size.

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