Helpful Advice For Choosing An Oklahoma Commercial Roofing Company

Finding a high quality, reputable Oklahoma commercial roofing company is like finding a partner for life. You’ll always feel comfortable knowing you’re trusting the same company to design, install, and maintain the roof over your business. Of course, sometimes people make mistakes and choose a roofing company that they later regret choosing.

The goal is to find one company to handle all of your commercial roofing solutions. If you want to choose correctly the first time, then you’re going to have to put a lot of research, planning, and thought into what company you choose to work with. Here are some simple tips you can follow to ensure your first choice is the best choice.

1. Start With Recommendations.

If you have any friends in the business world, then there’s a good chance you can score some quality recommendations. Find out who they used to handle their roof and whether they would recommend them for your company as well.

On the other side of the coin, they may be able to tell you what companies to avoid. Perhaps they’ve had a bad experience with a particular roofing company in the Oklahoma area. Now you know to avoid this company while performing your search.

2. Find Others On The Internet.

The next step is to find some companies on the internet. This might be your first source of recommendations if your business friends didn’t have any helpful information. Fret not because most quality roofing companies are clearly listed on the internet. It’s good for business so it only makes sense.

3. Find Out What People Have To Say.

Once you’ve got a handful of Oklahoma commercial roofing companies gathered in a list it’s time to start researching and learn what other people have to say about their work. The internet is once again the best place to start this research. There are tons of websites dedicated entirely to reviewing these types of companies. There are also customer testimonials and forums where people review their experiences with these companies.

After you weed out the bad choices through the internet you can contact the companies directly and ask for referrals. Any reputable roofing company will have a few recent referrals they can off you. Make sure you actually contact the people and ask questions once you get the information. It’s not unheard of for companies to offer fake referrals because customers don’t always call them.

4. Work Experience.

Bad reviews should help remove a few of the companies from the list. Next it’s time to start looking at their previous work experience. You want a company that has plenty of experience designing, installing, and maintaining commercial roofing systems.

Experience is always a good thing in a field like this. There are a lot of unforeseen problems that can occur when installing or maintaining a commercial roof and you want to know they are prepared to handle them all.

5. The Quotes.

Finally, it’s time to get quotes. You should get quotes for the job from at least three different companies, whether it’s installing, designing, or just regular maintenance. Compare the prices and find a company you want to work with.

When Is It Time For A Commercial Roof Replacement?

During the lifetime of a roof, there is the potential for many problems to develop. Perhaps a major storm blew through the area or the roof was improperly installed. There are a few options when it comes to fixing a roofing problem. It can be coated, repaired, recovered, or replaced. Use the questions in this article to see if it is time for a commercial roof replacement or if one of the other options will do the trick.

1. How much of the roof is damaged?

In order to decide if your roof should be repaired or replaced, it is important to see how much damage there is. A good rule of thumb is the 25% rule. When less than one quarter of your roof is damaged, a repair will often do the trick. However, more extensive damage should be dealt with by replacing your commercial roof. By the time that the costs of repair are calculated for a large job, it often turns out to be a better deal in the long run to replace the entire roof instead.

2. How old is the roof?

Most roofs have a long life. The average life span of a roof is 20 to 25 years. If you are experiencing problems and your roof is reaching the end of its effective life time, your best bet is to replace the entire thing. Since it will soon need to be replaced anyway, you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run by acting sooner rather than later.

3. Is there mold present?

If you are seeing signs of moisture and mold on your roof and inside of your building, the chances are that you either have extensive roof damage or the roof was improperly installed. Mold and moisture can quickly destroy a building and make it unsafe for your workers to be in. Don’t delay acting when you see the signs of mold. Call in a qualified roofing company to do an inspection and act quickly to correct the problem.

4. What is the building used for?

The roof on an office building and the roof over a garage do two very different things. The first protects the people who work in it as well as the computers and other high tech machinery of the modern office. On the other hand, a commercial building used to store vehicles or heavy equipment houses items that can stand up to the weather. When roofing problems develop on either one of these buildings and it is difficult to decide whether to repair or replace, choose replacement when the environment can cause major damage. Sometimes, it is better to add additional protection to be safe.

Commercial roof replacement is a necessary part of business that should be calculated into a maintenance plan for your business. However, smart practices include knowing when the decision to replace makes better business sense than the decision to repair. Ask these questions and consult with a commercial roofing company to make the right choice for your enterprise.

Types Of Commercial And Industrial Roofs

When you have decided to replace your outdated roof or you are in procedure of building a brand new building. There are four types of industrial or commercial roof systems for you to choose from.

Thermoplastic Roofing

TPO (Thermoplastic roofing) systems have become one of the most sought after industrial roofing systems today. These systems are made from a particularly durable material along with an important high-temperature tolerance and low-temperature flexibility. In fact, these types of roofs are remarkably resistant to chemical, ozone and ultraviolet exposure. These roofing systems have an impressive life span of around 20 years. In addition TPO roofs feature a great resistance to high winds, chemicals, punctures and even fire.


The EPDM roofing systems offer superior versatility and durability, which makes these systems last the longest in commercial and industrial locations. In addition, these systems are characteristically easier to repair, maintain and install when compared to the other commercial roof types.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Due to the rapid increase of energy costs and America searching for more sustainable and greener energy, a variety of building owners are starting to use solar-energy roofing options. These roof systems feature “PV” solar panels that are either utilized with roof-mounted and membrane tiles, glass or positioned over the rooftop. These panels absorb sunlight which converts into energy which translates into powering up a building. Even though these roofing systems are not widely used, they offer a fantastic potential in controlling excessive energy costs and conserving energy.

Green Roofs

Compared to every type of industrial or commercial roofing system available today, the green roofs have definitely experienced the largest up rise in popularity. “Sedum” green roofs can be described as a flat roof either completely or partially covered with soil and vegetation over a membrane that has been waterproofed. These roofing systems have been designed to decrease the heat in urban areas by absorbing heat. This also results in a dramatic improvement in improving the insulation value of a roof. This assists in increasing the lifespan of green roofs up to a third and savings on cooling and heating costs.

Other Industrial Roofing Options

Beyond EPDM flat-roofs and TPO, types of modified roofing options are also available. This method makes use of redundant roofing layers in order to result in a surface that is weather-resistant and durable. In addition to modified roofing systems, built-up roofing can also be a practical industrial roof choice. This will be dependent on the roof’s complexities and slope.

Commercial And Industrial Materials Used For Roofing Projects

•Built-up materials that include modified bitumen, gravel, asphalt and coal tar

•Roofing that requires a membrane which is single-ply for EPDM and TPO

•System that use a liquid application with high-tech polymers

•Roofs that are metal sloped atop high rise buildings

Professional commercial roofing contractors are always in search of the latest method and technologies to make sure they provide a superior solution and service to any type of business regardless of shape or size.

The Benefits Related To Industrial Roof Repairs

The roof of any type of establishment is very important. Unfortunately, this part of a building structure is usually forgotten or neglected as various building owners will often overlook minor leaks and small cracks. These minor issues later result in extensive damage with costly repair work. Below are some valid reasons as to why companies of industrial buildings should hire repair and roof inspection experts to ensure this feature of the property offers safety and a long lasting structure.

Using a professional industrial roof repair service provides numerous services. These specialists will offer far more than just detecting leaks or cracks in a roofing structure. Other services available will include replacing shingles, repair caused by water damage, construction of roof flashing and a wide variety of maintenance services. In addition, these specialists are experienced in fixing critical parts of roofing that will include drainage systems, skylights, and chimneys and vent pipes. Other services include performing repairs on interior damage that has been caused by a slow leak to ensure the property is safe and in an optimal position inside and out.

Industrial roofing contractors use a large supply of materials of the highest quality to maintain reliable and cost effective repair services. This is the reason why damage repairs carried out by these contractors are made to last. Typical types of roofing materials that are found in the average hardware store can be inferior when compared to what materials these experts use. In most cases, contractors use high-quality roofing materials as well as finishes like elastomeric coatings that are used to enhance the quality and durability of roofs.

Using a professional company for leak repairs to a roof translates into cost effective savings. Even when commercial-scale repairs are required, these services are not as expensive as many people believe them to be. In fact, it is far more operational to rather use the services of experienced contractors than to try and fix a problem such as a leak without experience or knowledge of such repairs.

Professional industrial roofers offer an efficient short-term solution to a leak problem as well as viable options that assist in preventing further damage to the building structure. Using repair work that is unprofessional usually results in repairs that fail and can end up in irreversible damage to a roofing structure.

Safety is one of the most important benefits related to hiring industrial roofing contractors. Repair work that involves leaks can be potentially dangerous. Using a professional company means they come with the correct skills, tools and equipment to ensure the repairs are carried out in the correct manner. In addition, these companies offer a protection guarantee on the property that is in place throughout period related to the repair work.

Professional commercial roofing repair contractors are experts in fixing leaks and will advise when it may be necessary to replace a roof. Regular inspections of roofs on industrial buildings is essential in maintaining a long lasting building structure that is safe for all occupants.

Choosing The Right Company For Your Commercial Roof Repair

When it comes to choosing a good company to perform commercial repair, one of the most important factors to look for is experience. When a contractor has plenty of experience, you can usually be assured they will do a good job.  There are reasons why you should search for a commercial roofing company with experience.  We also recommend checking with the Better Business Bureau for Commercial Roofing Contractors in your area.

Reliability – If a company has many years of satisfied clients, chances are they are reliable.  A good reputation for reliability does not happen overnight but instead comes from years of satisfying customer needs and meeting their expectations.  Check a company’s website and read the customer’s testimonials. This will provide you a gauge on a company’s reliability.

Quality Of Service – Ask the company about their service policies following the job.  Also ask for other customer references and then call these people and ask how happy they were with the company and the job.  Would they hire them again?  Was the quality of service excellent?  These are important indicators of how the company will perform if you hire them.

Knowledge – An experienced company will also have the expertise and skill to handle any problem that may arise during a commercial roof repair project.  They will also have trained roofing technicians who know how to install all types of commercial roofs so that they are covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Communication – Any good commercial roofing company will ensure they are in constant communication with their customer. You, as the client should clearly communicate your requirements to the roofing contractor and they should always communicate any issues, concerns, or changes to you. This communication is essential to ensuring a successful project and really good roofing companies will have mastered this skill.

Licenses And Insurance – One of the most important things for you to check before hiring a commercial roofing company are their licenses and insurance.  All roofing contractors should be licensed to work in the state and jurisdiction where your building is located.  Additionally, ask to see proof that they are currently and fully insured against anything that may happen during the project.  They should carry liability and workmen’s compensation injury to protect all of their employees.

Warranties – A good, reliable commercial roofing company will always warranty their work.  Ask several companies to provide you an estimate for commercial roof repair and to give it to you in writing.  The estimate should include costs for all labor and material, as well as a completion date and the details of the warranty.  Ensure you are clear about your expectations with each of the roofing companies so their estimates address the same items. This helps you when comparing estimates, ensuring you are basing your conclusions on pricing for the same details for the project.

Hiring a commercial roofing company with experience will help ensure you hire the company who can install or repair your commercial roof quickly, safely, and professionally.  The last thing you need when you are dealing with a commercial roof project is a company which does not back its work, so also ensure you get the details of the warranty in writing.